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Whether you’re looking to get your showroom floors buffed and shined or want to breathe new life into your concrete flooring at home, we’ve got the tools and expertise to do the job right. Find out more about our concrete polishing services by calling us today!
If you want to improve the appearance of your concrete flooring, count on our experts at Blacktip Flooring Solutions in Carroll, OH. We have 12 years of experience working with concrete polishing. Our team will help you transform your flooring to look the way you’ve always wanted.

Concrete floors are popular for many homes, businesses, and industrial facilities because of their durability and low maintenance needs. However, concrete can lose its luster over time if it’s not maintained correctly. It can be scratched, scuffed, nicked, or otherwise damaged by heavy foot traffic in busy areas such as hallways and lobbies, water damage from spills or leaks, and even exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. If these types of damage frequently occur on your concrete floors, they may need polishing services to restore them back to their original beauty.

That’s when we come in. Our concrete polishing service is a great way to bring out the shine on your floors without replacing them. It also eliminates the need for regular waxing and maintenance. We offer dry-grind concrete polishing services that can be done in small rooms and tight corners, thanks to our hand-held machines.


Polished Concrete flooring of corridor of Building
At Blacktip Flooring Solutions, we offer superb concrete polishing services. We have years of experience with dry-grind concrete polishing and can guarantee a shiny finish. Our equipment meets all OSHA regulations so that we can provide services in all types of commercial buildings. We strive to keep dust to a minimum by keeping our areas clean and presentable.
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When you’re looking for the right concrete floor polishing solution, we’re the partner you can trust. Whether your business is a restaurant, a warehouse, or anything in between, we’ll work with you to determine what product and system will best suit your needs. Our team uses only the best materials available on the market because we value your satisfaction above all else. Learn more about our concrete floor polishing services by contacting us today!